Hello world!

After having short stories, journalism articles, essays, blogs and poems published online in other places, I have decided to do a blog site to put it all in one place, in addition to having a link to something different and very special to me. A few years ago, my friend, Nikki Windham, an L.A. artist with a strong underground following, and I came up with the idea of me adding a text accompaniment to her pictures, in a unique multimedia collaboration. A link to those is on this page, as well.

I like art, have studied art history in college and have friends who are artists. I am going to try to include an interesting photo accompaniment to each of my posts, sometimes by artists I know personally.

My columns and/or essays are generally on:

adoption and foster care issues


pop culture, specifically film and TV.

Within those topics, I frequently hit other hot-button issues, such as race and adoption, culture diversity on television and the politics of the “Star Wars” series, to name a few.

Please know that I do not identify as either left-wing or right-wing or anything else. I am just concerned about the issues that concern me. I just have the opinions I have.


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