The Meaning of Rosh Hashannah, The Feast of Trumpets: Wednesday September 4, 2013

Happy Rosh Hashannah to all my my Jewish followers! Here is an excellent blog by J. Scott Husted about the holiday:

J. Scott Husted -- Through the Veil


Stepping up to the call

Rosh Hashannah is also known as The Feast of Trumpets. On God’s calendar this is the anniversary of Adam’s creation. This is a day to re-affirm our commitment to stewardship of God’s divine plan on the earth. Living in a way that ushers in His Kingdom is the call — in our lives, in our family, in our neighborhood, for our city and our nation. Jews believe that through our stepping up to this divine call, the universe can come into the fullness that God has desired all along.

To this end, Rosh Hashannah is a time when we want to set His plan of good as our highest goal; to be those who are working Life rather than death in the earth. On this day, and during the ten days to follow, we admit our wrongs and commit to change bad patterns in our…

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