War of Terror Veteran on 9/11

I was in the Army. I am a War of Terror veteran. I have a blog. 

That means I am supposed to write something about 9/11 on my blog today, right? 

I usually try to avoid the day, the way some people try to ignore Christmas or New Year’s or any other holiday that gets them down. I don’t watch TV, so I don’t have concern about seeing the TV broadcaster talking heads prattling on about it. I ignore the stuff about the anniversary of 9/11 online. I am going to my gym tonight. I will do my best to not look at the TV’s in-front of me and the obligatory news coverage about it. 

I lean to the left on some issues, but I don’t like the anti-war movement’s vilifying of the U.S. as a John Wayne-esque bully messing with foreign people. I am traditional and conservative on some issues, but I could better stomach the hawkish politicians who laud the War on Terror if we lived in a time like World War II when the lines at recruitment offices went around the block and those not in the military contributed in other ways, and politicians could not so easily get away with supporting the war while their able-bodied adult offspring stayed safe at home and worked high-paying jobs their politician parents dispensed to them while the less fortunate sons and daughters of others fought through the nightmare of military bureaucracy and corruption and the horrors of war. 

I remember joining the Army after 9/11 and wondering if the fad of contrived “reality” shows would survive when people were seeing the real reality of young people in war on their nightly news, the way people saw it during the Vietnam War. I remember wondering if our culture would still laud the vain, materialistic, self-centered diva while other young people were fighting and dying and the smooth, unscrupulous player when his manhood would now seem minuscule compared to that of the warriors fighting for freedom. I  wondered if our culture would have to grow out of our shallowness and superficiality when there was something as heavy and serious as war going on. 

We all know how that turned out.   


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  1. Thank you for serving to protect us all. Your sacrifice is so deeply appreciated, as is the sacrifice and bravery of all our militiary personnel and their families. Our gratitude is deep and will never end. Our military personnel and their families service to their nation must never be forgotten and never be over looked. We need to do so much more. Thank you~

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