Great poem from Nae’s Nest:

Nae's Nest

Why hold me back, why not listen, see or hear

 I mean something.

I am here.

I am as real as you.

Yet I feel I am made of wax.

A poor reflection of what might have been.

A mere rejection of the past.

A reminder of what might have been.

Bullied from the start.

Never able to fit.

 Capturing my heart.

Holding it hostage.

Stabbing at its beat.

Hating my heritage

Trying to stop my song.

Stop my beat.

Why, I want to know?

What have I ever done?

Why does your darkness show?

Why all the hate?

The rewards of love are so much greater.

The reward is Heaven’s gate

Hate is lonely.

A deserted highway.

Crowded and alone.

With no one who cares.

Hate is full of pain.

 Inflicted on others.

Filled with grief and despair

If only I had been given voice.

If only I could…

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