Dolores Hart Poem

He said,

“I do not like this life.

I’m going to bring it to a halt. 

I’m going to head for the hills. 

I’m going to go John Galt.” 

She said,

“I do not like this place.

I just like doing my art. 

I swear that one day 

I’m going to go Dolores Hart.”

He said,

“I don’t hold out hope of getting apologies

For what I’ve had to go through 

To be part of this society. 

I do not expect reparations 

Or any justice for me. 

So, I’m going to go move far away

To another country.” 

She said, 

“I don’t call myself agoraphobic. 

It’s not like I’m hiding inside scared. 

It’s just that there isn’t much 

I want to see out there. 

I can live my life online. 

And, I’ll be just fine.” 

He said, 

“I gave up on the real world.

It was never good to me.

I figured out long ago. 

I’m not getting any opportunity. 

I like it better in my fantasy world. 

You’d like it better, too. 

It’s more real to me than this world

With all the lies they teach you.” 

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