Breaking Bad – ‘Granite State’

There are a million bloggers writing about “Breaking Bad.” Daniel and Paul of “The Same Page” may be the two best.

Same Page Team

By: Paul Andreacchi and Daniel Reynolds


There is some logic in making each episode of Breaking Bad less than an hour. You know, 44 minutes – or whatever, minus commercials – seems in retrospect almost like an example of mercy. I mean, with an extra 15 minutes you could, say, crush a human soul. Or abjectly terrify a woman and her baby. Maybe stage an extremely awkward and creepy courtship. Or, sure, just straight up shoot an innocent person in the back of the head. Yeah, an extra 15 minutes (so what’s that, like, 13 with commercials?) of Breaking Bad can get up to all kinds of things. Things we’d rather not see.

Ah, but we did see them. We had to see them. And now with one episode left – less than an hour to go – like our old friends, the forgotten meth addicts, we could probably…

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