Large and in Charge

Great blog from dewdropsndaisies:

Dewdrops n Daisies

I grew up being known as the “smart girl”. Everyone I knew had high hopes for me to be a neurosurgeon or rocket scientist or some powerful lawyer. I felt the pressure from all sides to achieve more, to be “the best”. At some point, this translated to being “in charge”. I decided that I really wanted to be a speech pathologist because I love working in the medical field and I am fascinated by language. It’s a funny thing, though. If I climb the corporate ladder, I no longer get to actually do what I love. Instead of helping people get better, I would be pushing paper and analyzing numbers. Yuck. I have had to explain many times to people why it is that I am not a boss, almost having to apologize for my lack of ambition. My work ethic is questioned not because I don’t do my…

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