Sinead O’Conner Slams Miley Cyrus: ‘You’re A Danger To Women’

I truly never thought I’d write anything about that Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke MTV Awards Show performance, which everyone else in this world has written about.

However, now that Sinead O’Connor has seen fit to write an “open letter” to Cyrus and touched off a Twitter war between the two, here goes.

For those who do not remember, once upon a time, Sinead O’Connor was a star in the sphere of college/alternative radio. As alternative music surged to popularity in the early ’90s, O’Connor, in addition to Jane’s Addiction, Natalie Merchant and others broke into the mainstream and the top of the charts.

Then, like so many others before her, O’Connor lost her mind in the spotlight, insulting everyone from MC Hammer to Pope John Paul II.

And, then, she was gone. Lacking the talent of a Melissa Etheridge or the entertaining rage of a Courtney Love, O’Connor dropped from sight as female singer-songwriters took over the pop music landscape.

Until now, with a passive-aggressive bit of “motherliness” (her word) in unasked for advice and criticism aimed at Miley Cyrus, O’Connor is back in public view.

Now might be a good time to disclose here that I have not seen the performance that everyone has been fussing about. And, I won’t. Ever.

And, I do not mean to suggest that I am in any way condoning such a performance in front of children. That is not my point here.
What I am asserting is that to bash a female performer for risque clothes and overt sexuality and to say that such a performance is harmful to girls and women is hypocritical and sexist in that male performers are never treated in such a fashion.

Male performers from Elvis Presley to Jim Morrison to Robert Plant to Bobby Brown to Usher to Justin Bieber to the Rolling Stones to Motley Crue to Prince to Lenny Kravitz to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Billy Idol to Eminem L.L. Cool J. to Tim McGraw to Billy Ray Cyrus (yes, I went there!) owe much of their fame and fortunes to exhibiting their (usually skinny) bodies and whatever degree of sex-suggesting stage moves are sufficiently shocking to the mores of their times as their female fans scream with excitement.

Much of O’Connor’s rant is bizarre due to who O’Connor and Cyrus both are. When O’Connor boasts that she is not on “the proverbial rag heap,” this belies the reality of even those of us who liked her music in the ’90s not even realizing she is still alive until now. Her lecturing Cyrus on those in the music industry wanting to make money off of people (you know, because they work for businesses in an industry, and working in attempt to make a profit is what they do) who want to sell Cyrus’ music to the world not just based on her talent, but on her “youth and beauty” (again, O’Connor’s words) would be odd just on the fact that we all know that is how the music industry works, but is even odder because Cyrus is the second generation of her family with a career in the music industry and a strategy of pushing for all of the success she can have by causing sexual excitement in others.
Again, let’s return to the ’90s. Following the surprising breakthrough success of Garth Brooks, Billy Ray Cyrus was promoted with the country pop of “Achy Breaky Heart” and movie star looks (if not hair). Were it not for his “youth and beauty,” we would never have heard of Billy Ray Cyrus.

By all means, those who take offense at Miley Cyrus’ calculated displays of sexuality have every right to do so. But, to shame her for the same behaviors of male musicians is hypocritical and sexist. And, to say that her behaviors are harmful without saying the same thing about the same behaviors from male stars is downright dishonest.

I have no intention on watching her performances or listening to her music, but for the way Miley Cyrus has stood up to the caustic criticism of a woman old enough to be her mother, all I can say is, “You go, girl!”

Hollywood Life

Miley won’t be tamed by anyone! That includes Irish singer Sinead O’Connor, who she slammed on Twitter again after Sinead tried to give her guidance. Now, Sinead has launched her own attack, telling Miley she’s a ‘danger to women.’ Whose side are you on, HollywoodLifers?

Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor46, are in the middle of a major feud! Sinead has written three open letters to the 20-year-old that were initially meant to give guidance but Miley considered her advice a diss and insulted her on Twitter, calling out Sinead’s past mental illnesses. Now, the fight has escalated to Sinead threatening legal action!

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