Kris Jenner: Did She Drive Bruce Jenner Away With Insults?

How is this even possible?
How could the guy who was thought to be the greatest athlete in the world and who all of these women thought was an Adonis winning gold in the Olympics with his long hair flying in the wind as he ran be married to a woman who says he is “ugly” and “a loser?”
Seriously, does anyone out there reading this have any insight into how this could have happened?

Hollywood Life

Kris and Bruce officially confirmed their separation on Oct. 8, saying that they will always ‘love and respect’ each other. But a new report suggests it was Kris’ lack of respect for Bruce — and her shocking, below-the-belt insults — that drove him away.

Kris Jenner has always shown her family tough love, but did she go too far with her husband of 22 years, Bruce Jenner? Kris was really hard on Bruce and she constantly yelled at him and called him “terrible names,” including “pathetic loser,” according to a new report. Ouch! Read on for more details.

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