Why Cirque Du Soleil is actually a lot like the NFL

Field of Teams

They study their playbooks, listen to their coaches, spend countless hours practicing, training and watching film, then suit up in uniform and take the stage. Wait, stage?

In a lot of ways the performers of Cirque Du Soleil’s Amaluna are just like NFL players. Both groups travel around the country, have incredible physiques, and rely on their teammates to carry out the vision of their coaches. And like football players, Cirque Du Soleil athletes perform under intense pressure in front of an often nervous crowd.

The main difference is that at Cirque Du Soleil, they aren’t competing. The only winner is the audience and the loser could suffer devastating injury if a stunt goes wrong.

“To see the talent of these athletes who train and perfect what they do over years of study and development, and then put it into a theatrical setting, it’s sort of the best of both…

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