We’re Gayer And More Homophobic Than We Think

The Dish

That’s what Cass Sunstein concludes after looking at new research:

When people are assured of anonymity, it turns out, a lot more of them will acknowledge that they have had same-sex experiences and that they don’t entirely identify as heterosexual. But it also turns out that when people are assured of anonymity, they will show significantly higher rates of anti-gay sentiment. These results suggest that recent surveys have been understating, at least to some degree, two different things: the current level of same-sex activity and the current level of opposition to gay rights.

Consider one study of 2,500 people involving a standard “best practices” survey and an anonymous “veiled” survey:

In the best practices survey, 11 percent of the population said that they didn’t consider themselves to be heterosexual. In the veiled report, that number jumped to almost 19 percent – an increase of 65 percent.

Did participants believe that discrimination on…

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