Is Aidan Quinn Hollywood’s Most Underrated Actor?

I am watching Aidan Quinn in “Stolen Summer,” as I write this, playing to perfection the complicated part of an Irish-American firefighter, who is both a very good and decent man, but one whose prejudices effect his relationships with his sons.

His “Stolen Summer” role fits the template of most of his roles — supporting characters with as many dimensions and as much range as the main characters in their films — if not more. In “Legends of the Fall,” he portrays a successful lawyer and politician, who is hurt by his family’s greater love for his troubled brother. In “Benny and Joon,” he plays the brother and guardian of a mentally ill woman, feeling every bit of the burden of looking after his sibling.

As an actor, I think he is as good as it gets. That said, he does not have the movie star screen presence, which (stating the obvious) seems more a requirement for move stars than acting chops.


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November 15, 2013 · 11:01 pm

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