Massacring Christians in Pakistan – Who Cares?

Persecution of Christians in other countries is a serious issue that I wish more people were concerned about. This is a great blog on the subject by “theweeflea.”

Massacring Christians – Who Cares?

 Last Sunday we had a wonderful Christian woman speak to us in St Peters who lives and works in Peshawar, Pakistan.   Her love for the Pashtun people and culture shone through, as did her love for Jesus.  They married together beautifully – so much so that the man leading the service was so moved he found it difficult to pray.  Leaving church yesterday morning I received a message from a British Pakistani Christian saying that two suicide bombers had killed over 50 people leaving a church in that very same city – Peshawar.  At first I found it difficult to believe – not least because when I want to check it on the BBC website it was not even mentioned.  In fact I responded to my informant by asking ‘are you sure?’  Sadly he was telling the truth. You can read about it here…

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