7 Best Film Character Meltdowns Set To Music (With Dancing!)

Thought Catalog

My big dream in life is to have a scene in a film where I play a character that goes unhinged and dances to themselves into a frenzy set to a really cool song. Here are some examples of such meltdowns. Some dance and sing to themselves, some only dance, some only sing, some are just totally screwing around. All of them are delightful movie moments that forever change the way we think about the song.

Here are the best film character meltdowns set to music (and some with dancing!)


ACTRESS: Jennifer Lawrence
FILM: American Hustle
SONG: “Live and Let Die” by Paul McCartney and Wings

Jennifer Lawrence is certainly having a great year and it’s barely started. People are treating her like she’s Guns N’ Roses and it’s 1987. Panties. Everywhere. I for one, welcome our new overlord Jennifer Lawrence. It’s just easier this way.

And we cannot…

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