Battle at the Supreme Court: Obama vs. The Nuns, Part 2


After weeks of deliberation, the Supreme Court Friday rebuffed the White House and extended an Obamacare exemption for a group of nuns who claim that provisions of the Affordable Care Act infringe on their religious liberties. As a result of the court’s order, the nuns will not have to choose between either large fines or compliance with Obamacare’s procedures for religious organizations that object to providing contraceptive coverage to their employees, at least until a lower court rules on the merits of the case.

Two clues suggest the nine Supreme Court justices fought a behind the scenes battle over the order.

First, the courts decision took a long time. The initial exemption was issued in response to an emergency request from the Little Sisters of the Poor by Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor hours before Obamacare requirements were due to go into effect last New Years Eve. Sotomayor said the exemption…

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