Six Muslims Abduct and Assault an English Lesbian in Blackburn Lancashire

— Commentary by D.E. Cantor

Yesterday, some people online called me “Islamaphobic” due to my support of the War on Terror. I told them I do not hate anyone based on their ethnicity or religions. Seeing this today reinforces to me how silly their accusations really were.


This article falls short of clearly stating what the victims did, who they victimized and why they abducted and attacked her. 


A Muslim woman was in a lesbian relationship with a non-Muslim woman. To the five brothers and one sister of the Muslim woman, her lesbian relationship with someone who did not share their faith. They, therefore, felt entitled to and justified in violently attacking and kidnapping this woman. 


I am not prejudiced toward anyone due to their religion or ethnicity, but these hate crimes committed to a lesbian, this violence against women, this twisted notion that a grown woman’s family can control every aspect of her life and will do anything, even kill, to maintain that control, I cannot pretend like I think it’s all OK in the name of “tolerance” or not being “ethnocentric.”


Evil is evil regardless of who does it. And, this is complete and utter evil. 


So, those of us others accuse of being Islamaphobic, maybe, just maybe, we know something you don’t know, we understand what you have not realized. We know enough about history to know of Quakers helping slaves escape and Catholic priests and nuns doing all they could to hide Jews during the Holocaust, a crime under the Third Reich that would result in their deaths in the concentration camps. We hoped that if we were alive then, we would be on the right side of things. We tell ourselves that we would  have helped slaves escape to freedom, and we would risk our lives to hide Jews and save their lives. 

sharia unveiled

Muslims Attack Lesbian in Blackburn Lancashire

Six members of the same family were sentenced at Preston Crown Court for their roles in the Blackburn assault. Photo Courtesy of: BBC-UK

by, Yorkshire Post

Six Muslim siblings involved in a planned “brutal and sustained” attempted kidnap and assault of a white woman who was in a relationship with their sister have been jailed for up to six years.

Sarah Harrison, 35, was targeted as she left her place of work in Blackburn, Lancashire, as the family sought to discover where she and her partner Nazma Ditta, 28, were living.

CCTV captured the fierce struggle that Miss Harrison put up as she fended off attempts to bundle her into a car in broad daylight on June 20 last year.

Preston Crown Court heard how Miss Harrison feared that acid would be thrown in her face as shouts of “get her in, get her, you’ve messed with the wrong…

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