Meditation 101: Back to the Basics

A great post about meditation from “Stuff My Brain Thinks.”

Stuff My Brain Thinks

Starting today I have decided to get a little more serious about meditating.  I have noticed lately that I have been rushing through my sessions and I stopped using soft music as well.  Somewhere along the way I was told that I didn’t need the music to meditate so I took it out.  It’s been several months since doing that and I have noticed that things are just not the same.

Since this month is Self-Awareness month I am getting back to the basics of me.  I am re-evaluating all aspects of my life.  Primarily my thoughts and attitudes.  For several months last year my stream of thoughts were positive and uplifting, however lately I have noticed they have taken on a dull, negative tone.  I guess it is real easy to slip out of higher consciousness and back into our old subconscious view of the world.  After spending…

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