“My Big Fat Fetish” Documentary

Why am I finding this documentary on men who have a fat fetish and the fat women they love so comforting today?

This fetish — not my thing.

And, I get how this could be really dangerously unhealthy.

But . . .

Who among us, no matter our genders, ethnic heritages, body types or whatever else, have never seen the narrow standards of what seems to be considered attractive in this culture and felt far from the mark?

I cannot help but find this subculture strangely reassuring.

A BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) says in the documentary says, “Everything around you is telling you that you cannot be happy this way,” and goes on to describe her joy in discovering an online world of websites with pictures of women much larger than the conventional beauty standard and men who admire them for those additional pounds.

Does anyone know if there are women who like men who would be considered “overweight,” and what websites and whatever else exists for them?

Or, of any other outside-the-mainstream fetishes or things people are attracted to?



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March 29, 2014 · 12:22 pm

One response to ““My Big Fat Fetish” Documentary

  1. It was a fascinating doco, wasn’t it? Words like the ‘feeder’ etc

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