Not a Perfect Soldier: The Question of Captain America

On the Worn-Out Heels of Kerouac

Even by the more strenuous geeky “but-you’re-not-a-real-fan-unless” credentials, I’ve been a Captain America fan for a while now. I’ve read many of the comics; I’ve watched, re-watched, discussed, and analyzed the three Marvel movies where Cap’s been a key player; I was even planning to write Winter Soldier on my face in Russian with liquid eyeliner to celebrate the new movie premiere, though wiser friends talked me out of the idea.

So when I came across a link on my Twitter feed to an article titled “Why Captain America Is Only Interesting If He’s A Prick”, my attention was snagged almost immediately.

The argument that the article’s author is making is one that I’ve heard more than a few times: as a character, Steve Rogers just isn’t that interesting, and he’s uninteresting because he’s good. He’s “fundamentally dull”, says the article, because he’s “kind… moral, and effortlessly charming”, and…

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