Dealing with Depression…The Medical…The Spiritual…

One of the best things I have ever read about depression and faith and reading it meant a lot to me as someone who has dealt with depression and wrestled with faith.

Mommy on a Mission Project

So many question about depression. Is it me? Am I overthinking things? Being paranoid? Not trusting God enough? Do I lack faith? Here is an article about depression from a mental health standpoint. I guess we could sit around and argue all day about whether or not the information is factual or credible, but I think that’s just a cop out to not try to look at the reality of things. By reducing depression to one simple sentence, ior by trying to explain why someone is suffering from depression to a simple answer, I believe you are not being fair to the person who is struggeling, and your reasoning lacks sufficient understanding.

Depression is very complicated. For some people it could be one event in their life that has caused them to suffer, for others, maybe it was a series of circumstances, for others, it may be seasonal, sporadic, not…

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