My Adoption Story. Full Version.

One of the best accounts of what it is like for adopted people I have ever read.

Mommy on a Mission Project

I was born on November 22, 1975, downtown, St. Louis, Missouri at City Hospital. My mother currently had two twin children from a previous marriage she was trying to raise on a single, small income. Even though family helped out as much as they could, she did not want to further complicate the situation and add another burden or stress to the family and felt she could not provide for another child. So, before she could be found out by family that she was pregnant with me, she went to the nearest Lutheran Family and Children services (being Lutheran herself) early in her pregnancy and filled out adoption papers for me to be placed at the time of her giving birth.

Around 6 months, she made a home remedy to try to start labor contractions. I believe she was also wanting to be able to keep her job and not…

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