Fort Meade NSA Shooting (Thoughts from a Vet who Trained at Fort Meade)

My thoughts and prayers are with people at Fort Meade, Md., where I spent a good part of my life and received my military journalism/public affairs training, and those who live and work in the area. We do not know everything about it, yet, but I have a sinking feeling that a whole lot of the usual conspiracy theory b.s. from both the left-wing and the right-wing regarding the NSA may have something to do with it. For those who did not know, in addition to having the NSA there, Fort Meade is the home of the Defense Information School, where people who want to draw, write and take pictures for all branches of the military have their training. I owe a great debt to my instructors at DINFOS. When I was there, most people in this country had never heard of the NSA, let alone having such anger towards it that it may have led to this kind of tragedy. And, not for nothing, a whole lot of us do not like or trust any political party, political organization or politician and do not like the shrill, shrieking hate and rage of the left or the right, and this kind of thing is why.


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