Four Things CS Lewis Said About The Bible That Shook My Faith

Believers vs Non-Believers


by Peter Mosley

1. Paul was unclear.

“I cannot be the only reader who has wondered why God, having given him [St. Paul] so many gifts, withheld from him (what would seem so necessary for the first Christian theologian) that of lucidity and orderly exposition.”

To be sure, in context, CS Lewis is saying that Paul’s beauty is found in his imperfections — that if he had been more clear and straightforward, Christians might have a more difficult time seeing what an authentic Christian life looked like.  But what he indicates, really, is that the Bible is made by a man — God chose to speak through a very human voice.  It seems strange that one would consider this proof of God at all.  If Paul was just speaking with his own human voice — and not a very good one at that — why should I listen to him?

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