Female defector who recruited hundreds of European brides for ISIS warns newbies: ‘Women are whipped, sold and stoned’

More needs to be done to raise awareness of these atrocities.

The Muslim Issue

  • 23-year-old commander had a senior role within the black-clad army
  • Member of fearsome female army al-Khansa who dole out savage beatings
  • Responsible for welcoming new European recruits into Syria
  • But fled and is warning vulnerable girls not to fall for Isis propaganda 

A female jihadi responsible for helping to deliver hundreds of young European girls to Isis has warned young women of the horrifying conditions that await them.

The 23-year-old Syrian woman, understood to have held a senior role within the so-called caliphate, has defected and revealed the inner-workings of the terror group.

The woman – who uses the alias Um Asma because she fears retaliation – welcomed the young girls who crossed the border from Turkey, and introduced them to life with the black-clad army.

Militants: Terrifying eyewitness accounts have described how women are fined and beaten simply for not covering their eyes, and how the brutal all-female al-Khansa brigade (pictured) doles out savage beatings to those who do not abide by its strict laws

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