Are we so wise?

All Along the Watchtower


In today’s Gospel, Jesus sends his disciples off to ‘preach repentance’. Not long ago I heard a sermon which contrasted this with the idea of sending them off to ‘preach Canon Law’; as is the way with such sermons, this was not done to the advantage of Canon Law. Rather as with ‘doctrine’ and ‘dogma’, anything which constricts the individual in the free exercise of their right to believe whatever they want to believe, is out of fashion.

It is not hard to see why. My phrasing in the last paragraph was deliberate, and if someone wants to tell me it obscures the gap between licit dissent and license, I shall not quarrel with them. The Church allows a good deal of licit dissent on inessentials. I have often wondered how far some of the dissent on theNovus Ordo Mass is due not to itself, but to the things…

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