Why does the Old Testament matter?

All Along the Watchtower


Our long-time contributor, cartoonist and all-round good guy, Carl d’Agostinoraised the question many Christians raise, in response to yesterday’s post on Marcionism, which is why we have the Old Testament at all?  At my request, the comment made by Servus Fidelis forms the basis of his post here. C451

Carl, let me try to explain why the Old Testament really matters.

Did God create a covenant with the Jews and did He found a church and make of the Jewish People the Chosen Ones or not? If not, then the God of Abraham, Isaac and Moses is a fairy tale and the Decalogue a mere fabrication without any meaning at all. It makes no difference to you that God brought the Israelites out of Egypt or that God instituted a hierarchy and a priesthood and led them through the wilderness of this world to a land of milk…

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