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Are we so wise?

All Along the Watchtower


In today’s Gospel, Jesus sends his disciples off to ‘preach repentance’. Not long ago I heard a sermon which contrasted this with the idea of sending them off to ‘preach Canon Law’; as is the way with such sermons, this was not done to the advantage of Canon Law. Rather as with ‘doctrine’ and ‘dogma’, anything which constricts the individual in the free exercise of their right to believe whatever they want to believe, is out of fashion.

It is not hard to see why. My phrasing in the last paragraph was deliberate, and if someone wants to tell me it obscures the gap between licit dissent and license, I shall not quarrel with them. The Church allows a good deal of licit dissent on inessentials. I have often wondered how far some of the dissent on theNovus Ordo Mass is due not to itself, but to the things…

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Plague and the Unfinished Cathedral.

Plague and the Unfinished Cathedral..

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When does it pay to pay a pro?

Ana Spoke, author

I got some good news and some bad ones. The bad news is that the cover designer completely ignored my specific directions and came up with this revised version:

I hated it on first sight, but just had to check on Twitter. Overwhelmingly, everyone else hated it too. Someone even said the lips and bubble gum look pornographic. Great. I’ve pulled the plug and asked for my money back under the designer’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not looking forward to their reply. Not sure yet if I’m gonna get anyone else or do it myself. One thing for sure, if I hire another designer, he or she will need to be local and willing to meet with me to discuss ideas before photoshopping bejeezuz out of stock images.

On other hand, I could not be happier with the copyeditor! I will post a more comprehensive review after I’m done going through…

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I Felt Like I Belonged!


He sounded young!  It was like I had the wrong person on the line but this is the number he gave me. That was my first impression after talking to Tony Gianunzio for the first time in over forty years.  I had left him a note on Facebook telling him that he was my English teacher my junior year in high school and that I had written a feature story about him that made the school newspaper back then.  I had looked at his Facebook page and it was filled with pictures of the event.  The event was something I ran across in the paper days before.  A 92 year old WWII Veteran was going to throw out the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game on Sunday.  After reading his name and the places he had taught I suddenly realized that he was my former teacher!  I had waited…

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Fisherman’s Panorama Colorado Canyon View

Striking Photography by Bo

Fisherman's Panorama Colorado Canyon View Art

A very large 10 image panorama view looking up south St Vrain Creek in the south St Vrain Canyon west of Lyons, highway 7  goes up past Raymond and Allenspark.  One of the most beautiful canyons in Boulder County Colorado that leads up to Peak to Peak Highway and Rocky Mountain National Park.  If you like to fish this view is for you!

Fisherman's Panorama Colorado Canyon View Art

Colorado fine art nature landscape photography fine art images by James Bo Insogna (C)   – All Rights Reserved.

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James Baldwin’s “They Can’t Turn Back” (1960): “On such small signs and symbols does the southern cabala depend”

dr. p.l. (paul) thomas

James Baldwin published “They Can’t Turn Back” in 1960 just as I was about to enter this world.

Baldwin—black, gay and from the North—was witnessing a world from which I—white, straight and from the South—would in many ways be exempt, although it was the same world.

In this essay, Baldwin was charged by Mademoiselle to report on student activism in Florida after the Greensboro (North Carolina) sit-in, which the editors framed, in part, as follows:

More than any other event, the Greensboro sit-in launched the 1960s, a decade of political activism and students were on the cutting edge of social change. In 1960, the writer James Baldwin visited Tallahassee, Florida. to report on student activism there. Baldwin ruminated on the underlying causes of black protests and marveled at the militancy and idealism of the younger generation. To Baldwin, the movement challenged all Americans to rethink whether “We really…

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How many different ways can your book make you money? Let Books To Believe In help you discover your book’s full potential!

Books To Believe In - EJ Thornton, publisher: opinions, insights, wisdom, ideas!

Help you discover your book's potential Marketing Potential Critique

One of our favorite things to ask potential Books to Believe In authors is:

“Is your book REALLY a book?”  And if the answer to that is yes, then we ask, “Is your book ONLY a book?”

This is the question that really opens up our new author’s eyes. The reality that the same content can be used in different mediums is a staggering and exciting proposition. Most authors think we are just talking e-book or some other form of digital presentation, and if that potential exists, we’ll let you know. But that’s not all that we are talking about here.

Depending on whether your book is a fiction or a non-fiction, we approach this topic differently. However, whichever it is, there is potential for companion products of many varieties.

This evaluation is great for authors who find themselves newly completed with their book’s writing and not knowing where to…

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Daily Insight

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mother and sick childdoctor and sick child

Divine compassion will reach out
And touch the lonely bier
And bring to life the widow’s son
And wipe away her tears;
Will grasp the young girl by the hand
And say, ‘Little lamb, arise! ’
And the child leaps up from her bed
To her parents’ great surprise.

Divine love will embrace
Little children in its arms,
As a hen covers her chicks
Under feathers soft and warm;
Divine compassion
In those nail-pierced hands
Laid on a poor bent-up woman
Made her stand
Erect and at ease,
And praise the God of mercy
For her miraculous release.

© Tom Prato/Pratonix

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Fire-Bending: The Source of the Flame

A great post from a a new and very promising blogger.

Esto Vir

Hardcore Zuko

A few weeks ago [This post was written a year and a half ago], the readings at mass were very interesting. They all focused on fire. I thought this was an interesting theme, so I decided to write about this “hot topic,” (Boooooo)

The first reading was from the prophet Jeremiah. He was in a position in which many prophets found themselves. He was being persecuted for preaching truth (Sound familiar? There’s nothing new under the sun, folks). Jeremiah was being led by God to tell people about Him. When he was told to cease his ministry, he said:

“But if I say ‘I will not mention His word or speak anymore His name,” His word is in my heart like a fire. A fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in. I cannot.” Jeremiah 20:9

This is the same Jeremiah that…

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