Super by Princess Jones

Honest Indie Book Reviews

Let me begin by saying that writing a novel is a terrific achievement. I know, having written two. My hat is off to anyone who can complete a novel.


That said, here is my honest opinion of Super, a first-person superhero story by Princess Jones

Characters: Audrey Hart, under-achieving superhero, narrates her tale of fighting crime and helping others while trying to survive family relationships and the work-a-day world. She has more success fighting crime.

Audrey’s power isn’t particularly spectacular. She heals incredibly fast. Being hit by a car, or shot hurts her, just like you or me, but her body heals within minutes, though not without soreness and stiffness, again like you and me. Her super power is just enough to get her into the game, without making it easy.

Author Princess does a terrific job with Audrey, bringing her vividly to life on all three fronts —…

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