Nobody’s Child

nobodysChild“Who was your mother?”

“Never had none!” said the child…

“Never had any mother?… Where were you born?”

“Never was born!”

“Do you know who made you?”

“Nobody, as I knows on,”said the child with a short laugh.

“I ‘spect I grow’d.”  

(Harriet Beecher Stowe)

Since my last post I have been reading comments from adult adoptees, natural mothers and adoptive mothers trying to understand the emotional damage to all involved.Wow. I wish that those who make adoption policies and support “adoption as the option” would take the time to read these posts, perhaps they would then not support adoption at all!

Yet, while reading all the various opinions, I keep emotionally reacting to the anger between birth mothers and adoptive mothers. I so want to jump in the middle and scream, “Stop It! Stop fighting each other on who is the real mother! Please! Just stop!”

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