Consistency is Key / A Will to Write

The Small Girl

I want to say “I’m on a roll!” but I am not. A few days consistency is not consistency. To continue the scribbles and posts into December will make me feel a smidgen of pride.

This is just a burst, a surge of energy. I imagine my goal should now be to identify whatever triggered this and remember it for the next slump–but that seems like the wrong move. The anticipation of “the slump” will precede the slump, so I am choosing to preclude the slump by determining that it should not happen again.

There is a pain in my right bicep. “You have been practicing your penmanship”, it says. I have been practicing my writing and flexing muscles long rested. This is a workout, the best workout, the only true workout for me–as nothing else makes me feel as accomplished as a sentence penned by only me, for me…

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