From Ho to Housewife, How Jesus Changed Everything

Leticia Ochoa Adams


This is  a very long warning, so if you read it and keep on reading this post, please do not email, text, message me or post comments about how I scandalized you and you have lost all your innocence. I have the strong opinion that some people need to hear a clear and blunt testimony of what it is like to have gone from the secular idea that sex is good however you want it to being a faithful Catholic who embraces every single teaching that this Church has on the subject of sex. I love all the beautiful writings on the subject, I really do, they are romantic and make sex something that is beautifully sacred, but sometimes people who don’t know squat about theology just need someone to speak in normal English. For those of you who have always been Catholic and have never strayed into the…

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October 6, 2015 · 7:41 pm

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