“Hearie Privilege” – a PSA for Hearing People

Lily A. Rayne

A few days ago, in a Facebook conversation, I was discussing the issue of lack of captions and Deaf rights in-depth. I went to the trouble to type up a long response about the struggle Deaf people face to get equal access. I was talking about how my local theater used to show open-captioned movies for the deaf once or twice a month, but they stopped because a few hearing people who attended those particular showings were selfish enough to complain about the “words on the screen” despite the theater people telling them that these once/twice a month showings were for the Deaf. The theater stopped showing open-captioned movies because of it and now all the Deaf in my area are left to wait for movies to come out on DVD/Blu-ray or use uncomfortable mediocre equipment that no one really likes as much as open captions.

It’s just another way…

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