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The Guy Holding The GirlfriendMany of the authors of the ASPA consider themselves romance writers.  So what is romance anyway?  It seems fairly straightforward, but as it turns out, a concise definition is a little difficult to pin down.

According to the Romance Novelists’ Association :

“The trouble with trying to define a romantic novel is that there are so many sub-genres. The words romantic novel cover an amazing variety. It’s like stepping-stone into the most beautiful old English country garden, a hollyhock here, a cowslip there, different, but each perfect in its own way.”

That’s a pretty poetic way to say that Romance comes in a great many forms.  Readers are offered a plethora of romantic choices.  Wikipedia lists ten different sub-genres of romance: Contemporary romance, Historical romance, Romantic suspense, Paranormal romance, Science Fiction romance, Fantasy romance, Time-travel romances, Inspirational romance, Multicultural romance, and Erotic romance. 

And even that list misses the mark…

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