In Wake of Student’s Suicide, Catholic Parents Call for Safe Schools

An incredibly tragic story! In a world where it is far too common for people to accuse any who disagree with them of bigotry and bullying, I wish with all my heart that people would stop watering-down the meaning of those words, muddying the seriousness of the harm done to vulnerable people because of real bigotry and bullying and that we as a culture would get serious and do something to never again allow a situation in which a child would feel fearful to go to school, so saddened about his mistreatment to consider suicide or so angered by what he must endure every school day that he would decide to bring a gun to school and kill other children.

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372e7a9900000578-0-image-a-1_1471090577368 Daniel Fitzpatrick

Catholic parents of LGBT children are expressing their sorrow over a teenager’s suicide in New York, as well as their commitment to ensuring Catholic education is safe for all students.

Daniel Fitzpatrick died by suicide on August 11, having faced intense bullying from classmates at Holy Angels Catholic Academy in Brooklyn. He left a note in which Fitzpatrick said, “I gave up. The teachers didn’t do anything. . .I wanted to get out.”

The Board of Fortunate Families, an organization by and for Catholic parents of LGBT children, released a statement on Monday saying it was “saddened to hear” about Fitzpatrick’s death:

“We on the board of Fortunate Families are painfully aware that any child who is badgered and bullied is at greater risk for isolation, marginalization, depression, and sadly, suicide. Catholic Social Teaching holds that all of our children are persons who deserve life, dignity, respect and the freedom to live…

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