Movies With Sign Language or Deaf Culture on Netflix Streaming


So I’ve been learning American Sign Language (ASL) and was looking for a list of movies with sign language on Netflix, but there wasn’t one. So here is my list of the ones I’ve found (available as of 10/09/2012), starting with a few personal recommendations:


The Hammer

This film tells the true story of retired MMA fighter and wrestler Matt “The Hammer” Hammill and his rise to fame. From his childhood to his college wrestling career, this dramatic rendition of his life is a fascinating sports story and a poignant examination of the Deaf experience. A must watch for Deaf and hearing people alike.


Switched at Birth

The groundbreaking ABC Family drama features two young girls who discover they were (as the title may suggest) switched at birth. One of the girls, played by Katie LeClerc, is deaf. Several other characters in the show are deaf and it features a variety…

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