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A Veteran Reflects on Memorial Day

So it is Memorial Day.

As a War on Terror veteran (Army), I often feel somber on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

I do not fault people for using the day off from work to have fun with their families, host barbecues or otherwise enjoy the day.

But, I have a problem that people seem to have forgotten — or to just not care — that we are a country at war, that our freedom is on the line, that the only reason any of us can go to the house of worship of our religion, can go to gay nightclub or listen to music or otherwise do what we want with our lives or with our time is that a small percentage of our country is in the U.S. military fighting for our freedom against a worldwide terrorist element fueled by bigotry, evil, irrational hatred and a narcissistic and sadistic obsession at doing bad things to others.

So out with a group the other day, a woman I know said to a man I know, “My mother got so angry watching the Republican debates. They kept talking about terrorism. It’s not the most important issue!”

In a colossally wacko, wild, out-of-control election season  in which the bedroom behavior of two perpetual tabloid headline subjects, business magnate and reality star Donald Trump and former President of the United States Bill Clinton, has been discussed far too much and the ascension of insipid state laws meant to protect women and girls from the nonexistent threat of transgender people in restrooms, I wish there was more discussion of terrorism, a real issue and a real threat, not a fake issue and a contrived threat, like the genitalia of Clinton, Trump and transgender people.

Please allow me to rephrase that for emphasis:

Terrorism = Real Issue and Real Threat

Genitalia of Clinton, Trump and Transgender People = Not a Real Issue or Threat

So while enjoying your day off, please take a moment to remember all of the brave men and women fighting for our freedom and those who lost their lives doing so and to honor their service by acknowledging the the existence of the evil they fight against.


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