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The Death of Bigoted Writer Victor Thorn 

An evil man and a promoter of lies and hatred is now dead by his own hand, even though, just like with everything else, there are those who will create ridiculous conspiracy theories to blame others on his death.

Victor Thorn, wasted his life penning books that promoted racial and religious hatred, especially Antisemitism, in addition to ridiculous conspiracy theories involving the Clinton, until he ended it yesterday.

While it may sound bad to rejoice in someone’s death, I hope that his end in this world will be a harbinger that the future will see last people like him, a hater of others based on their faith or ancestry, in a world where many of us not only have friends, who differ from us in these ways, but family members. My family has Baptists, Catholics, Jews and those who do not practice any religion.

I, personally, like the image in my head of him facing a Jewish messiah in the afterlife, who asked him, “Why do you persecute me?”


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Inside the World of Hasidic Judaism

A really great video showing the world of Hasidic Judaism, their customs, clothing and religion, holding strong to their religious values in a secular world.

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November 27, 2013 · 8:55 am

Mystery of Murdered Saints

Although this was not my original intention, if my WordPress site can help people find good things to watch that do not attack their values and offer a respite from (in no particular order): Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, gangsta rap, twerking, goofy prejudices, loony conspiracy theories and scapegoating people by race/religion/gender/class/who they find attractive.


September 10, 2013 · 7:07 pm

The Secrets of Mary Magdalene

Perhaps, the greatest story ever of sin and redemption.

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September 8, 2013 · 9:03 pm

Hateful Life and Violent Death of an Atheist Leader

What to say, really, when viewing the demented rise and even more demented fall of someone who, in a healthier culture than ours, would never had been dispensed the power and privilege she flaunted and abused?

Atheist leader Madelyn Murray O’Haire was given money, fame and power for her activism, which dealt less with making things better for her community and more with attacking religious people, calling them stupid for believing in God and mocking the Pope.

Ironically, after she became the leader of an Atheist organization and the most famous Atheist in America, she would mirror the arrogance, bullying, corruption, egomania, intolerance and bad behavior of the worst of televisions evangelists.

I hate to say this, but I feel like her tactic of going on TV talk shows and acting outrageously for fame and fortune could lead one to believe she was “ahead of her time.”

Another aspect of the documentary is that one of her sons became a Christian and started a Christian political action group, therefore, becoming a commander for the other side in the war against religion that she waged all of her life.

(Note: When I say that she “waged” war on religion, I do not think all Atheist activists wage war with Theists, but just most, instead, fight battles over religion being in public life, such as city-sponsored Nativity scenes. Most Atheists do not insult people who believe differently than they do. She built a career out of mocking and insulting religion.)

Her ugly, hateful life ended in an ugly, violent death.

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September 2, 2013 · 5:19 am

This is so wrong!

When is it right to demonize people for their religious beliefs?
When is it right to go to a house of worship and yell profanity and hatred toward the religion of that house of worship?
When is bigotry against people due to their gender, race, ethnicity or religion OK?

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August 28, 2013 · 10:52 pm