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Stockett’s publisher quietly corrects Medgar Evers error in the book

A Critical Review of the novel The Help

Covertly and with no acknowledgment of the error regarding Medgar Evers in the hard cover version of the novel, Kathryn Stockett’s publisher has finally corrected this line:

“. . . Afraid they’ll be beaten like Louvenia’s grandson, or, hell, bludgeoned in their front yard like Medgar Evers.”




The latest edition of The Help now reads, at least according to this poster (pay no mind to the typo “beated” it should read “beaten”):

I can’t say which formats were corrected because the poster who wrote the post didn’t say. My guess is the Kindle or ebook editions and the paperback version, since they were released later.

So is this finally the end of it?


Now that they’ve altered the text without offering any explanation (an apology to readers was out of the question, I’m sure) I’m still going to keep bringing it up.

The assumption that he was “shot to death” is a bit misleading…

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