Movies With Sign Language or Deaf Culture on Netflix Streaming


So I’ve been learning American Sign Language (ASL) and was looking for a list of movies with sign language on Netflix, but there wasn’t one. So here is my list of the ones I’ve found (available as of 10/09/2012), starting with a few personal recommendations:


The Hammer

This film tells the true story of retired MMA fighter and wrestler Matt “The Hammer” Hammill and his rise to fame. From his childhood to his college wrestling career, this dramatic rendition of his life is a fascinating sports story and a poignant examination of the Deaf experience. A must watch for Deaf and hearing people alike.


Switched at Birth

The groundbreaking ABC Family drama features two young girls who discover they were (as the title may suggest) switched at birth. One of the girls, played by Katie LeClerc, is deaf. Several other characters in the show are deaf and it features a variety…

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Life Lessons from ‘Conan the Barbarian’

Random Sidenotes

Most of my friends know that one of my all-time favorite movies is Conan the Barbarian. Despite this, I think I’ve probably watched the sequel Conan the Destroyer more often. It’s pretty simple, really- I’ve got to be in the right mood to watch Barbarian, while Destroyer is pretty easy to just pick up when you’re killing some time. There’s no denying that the 80’s were the best era for fantasy flicks; it’s the decade that not only brought us Conan, but Legend, Labyrinth, The Neverending Story, Beastmaster and Willow, just to name a few. Good times, good times.

So today I managed to watch Conan the Destroyer for the Lord-only-knows-how-many time, and started thinking about how many life lessons I pulled from these two movies as I was growing up. If you look beyond the obvious stuff (like that whole Crush Your…

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Will POTUS Election Be Decided By House of Reps?


It would be interesting (to say the least) if in this election where a lot of us dislike both major party candidates if neither one hits 270.

What happens then? The House of Representatives chooses the next President, and while Democrats and Republicans will both presumably vote for someone from their party THEY ARE NOT BOUND TO PICK EITHER CLINTON OR TRUMP!!!

So, picture this — what if the Republicans win a majority of the House, and THE REPUBLICAN HOUSE MEMBERS CHOOSE SOMEONE OTHER THAN TRUMP because, as we all know, Trump is not well-liked among them?!?!?!?!

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In Wake of Student’s Suicide, Catholic Parents Call for Safe Schools

An incredibly tragic story! In a world where it is far too common for people to accuse any who disagree with them of bigotry and bullying, I wish with all my heart that people would stop watering-down the meaning of those words, muddying the seriousness of the harm done to vulnerable people because of real bigotry and bullying and that we as a culture would get serious and do something to never again allow a situation in which a child would feel fearful to go to school, so saddened about his mistreatment to consider suicide or so angered by what he must endure every school day that he would decide to bring a gun to school and kill other children.

Bondings 2.0

372e7a9900000578-0-image-a-1_1471090577368 Daniel Fitzpatrick

Catholic parents of LGBT children are expressing their sorrow over a teenager’s suicide in New York, as well as their commitment to ensuring Catholic education is safe for all students.

Daniel Fitzpatrick died by suicide on August 11, having faced intense bullying from classmates at Holy Angels Catholic Academy in Brooklyn. He left a note in which Fitzpatrick said, “I gave up. The teachers didn’t do anything. . .I wanted to get out.”

The Board of Fortunate Families, an organization by and for Catholic parents of LGBT children, released a statement on Monday saying it was “saddened to hear” about Fitzpatrick’s death:

“We on the board of Fortunate Families are painfully aware that any child who is badgered and bullied is at greater risk for isolation, marginalization, depression, and sadly, suicide. Catholic Social Teaching holds that all of our children are persons who deserve life, dignity, respect and the freedom to live…

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The Daily Planet


Superman Joins Spidey
in the Unemployment Row

The biggest villain any superhero worth his or her cape has to contend with is boredom. So writers who maintain their alt-world keep topping themselves with ways to sustain their relevance in such unfazed times. Often, their realm comes close to bursting into our sad sack of reality.
What just happened to Clark Kent is typical. With the doom and gloom surrounding the print industry’s outlook, even the most unflappable reporter has to adapt. So he’s quitting his newspaper job and becoming, of all things, a blogger. Like we need any more competition.
He probably has a better shot at succeed than poor Peter Parker, who lost his own job at the Daily Bugle two years ago and recently got evicted from his landmark address in Queens and moved to Brooklyn. Yeah, right. Have you seen how much rents cost in Williamsburg lately?

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Civil Same-Sex Marriage: A Catholic Affirmation

by Lisa Fullam [more] Abstract Many Catholic contributions to the debate over civil same-sex marriage are too broad or too narrow. Too broad: civil same-sex marriage is sometimes described as paral…

Source: Civil Same-Sex Marriage: A Catholic Affirmation

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Let’s Talk Romance

Welcome to ASPA

The Guy Holding The GirlfriendMany of the authors of the ASPA consider themselves romance writers.  So what is romance anyway?  It seems fairly straightforward, but as it turns out, a concise definition is a little difficult to pin down.

According to the Romance Novelists’ Association :

“The trouble with trying to define a romantic novel is that there are so many sub-genres. The words romantic novel cover an amazing variety. It’s like stepping-stone into the most beautiful old English country garden, a hollyhock here, a cowslip there, different, but each perfect in its own way.”

That’s a pretty poetic way to say that Romance comes in a great many forms.  Readers are offered a plethora of romantic choices.  Wikipedia lists ten different sub-genres of romance: Contemporary romance, Historical romance, Romantic suspense, Paranormal romance, Science Fiction romance, Fantasy romance, Time-travel romances, Inspirational romance, Multicultural romance, and Erotic romance. 

And even that list misses the mark…

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