Here is my interview with Shantee A. Parks

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Name Shantee A. Parks

 Age 40

Where are you from Detroit, MI

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc  

Shantee’: I have my undergrad Business degree from University of Detroit Mercy and my graduate degree from Central Michigan University. I moved to Atlanta, GA in 2006. My husband and I have three beautiful children two girls and a boy. I enjoy travelling when I can.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

Shantee’:  I started Posey Parks Publishing. I just released the first installment of Samantha Posey: Love Unfolded Samantha Posey 2 is in the editing phase. I just started writing Samantha Posey book 3.

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

Shantee’:  I’ve always been a journal writer just writing about my life. I found out early on I have a wild imagination and a friend of mine always wanted to hear my…

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How to (Effectively) Show Support

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Here’s something I’ve noticed a lot – people want to help. People have good intentions. People want to show support. But they don’t really know how. They don’t know why something matters, or how to get mileage out of it.

Here’s what else I’ve noticed a lot – people really love to rage. And that’s important; there are issues that require it. And raging does change things.


There is a really big difference between being a person who only rages and a person who both rages and makes a real move for change. And maybe people don’t realize that. Maybe they don’t get how. But I’m tired of seeing raging with no support counterbalance, and I’m tired of people thinking raging is enough without backing it up in a meaningful way. I’m tired of people not realizing how limiting the effects are when all you do is talk…

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Day 351 – July 17, 2015

Originally posted on The Year of Blogging Faithfully:

I haven’t been promoting the Abigail Phelps books at all lately. They are still out there, of course…but no one is buying. I always managed to sell a few here and there, but with absolutely zero effort being put into promotion, well…I’m getting an even return on my investment. IF things work out and we move towards publication on the Christian romance, the Abby books will probably be going away for a while. That’s a big IF, of course. But even IF…there is a part of me that thinks I should try to sell as many copies as I can before that happens, just to try to bring in a little money before I have to say goodbye to that little bit of income, however paltry. But the way things work in my life, I dare not.

Timing always plays a huge and hilarious role in my life. And the…

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I Wish My Daughter Had Autism

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You may think it’s horrible to say this, but I wish my daughter had autism.  BUT there is a very good reason for it.

I should clarify myself before I upset anyone whose life has been touched by autism. I wish my daughter, Paige, had a diagnosis of autism. She displays all the behaviors of autism, except one – she does not have social deficits.


1.   Paige has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). More often than not, children with autism have sensory challenges.

This poem was written by Darci Harig, who has SPD. Take a moment to read it and put yourself in her place.

My skin feels like it is on fire, tags poke at me like a hot wire.
My pants are too loose, or way too tight…no matter what, they just don’t feel right.
My shoes hurt my feet, I just can’t…

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Originally posted on Write Steve Write!:

As I’ve got a couple of people reviewing my novel (Pa’u Hana) and biography (Architect of Passion), I was in a bit of a holding pattern on those projects this week. With some down time, I went to work on a couple of other projects I had in various stages of completion.

First of all, I completed and published the second book in my Coffeehousehouse Jazz series. From the highest look, these books are simply lists of great jazz songs. The goal is to help build the ultimate jazz playlist. This little gem has something for everyone. For the biggest jazz fans, it’s a chance to compare and contrast the songs on my list versus yours. Perhaps I’ve uncovered something you never heard of before. For the minor fan, you might recognize the song but didn’t know the artist.For those who don’t like jazz, give these…

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A Luxury Not Afforded to Catholics

Originally posted on The Reasonable Papist:

If you take a glance in your local news headlines, you will more than often see a plethora of articles about Islamic extremists beheading Christians, setting up car bombs, taking hostages, or attacking someone publicly critical of Islam. Honestly, my knowledge of Islam is not what it should be and most of what I do know comes from very close friends that are practitioners of this Abrahamic tradition. Many people will disagree with me on this topic, but I don’t find Islam to necessarily be a religion of violence. If I studied it more intensely, maybe I’d come up with a different conclusion. However, for now, I and my close Islamic friends believe that these extremist attacks are a perversion of the true nature of Islam. It is easy to quote mine the Qur’an to make this not seem to be the case, but I can’t get images of non-Christians…

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Another Facebook rant

Originally posted on Nancy Loderick's Blog:

facebook rantI still have mixed feelings about social media. On one hand, I love it because I’ve met so many wonderful people from all over the world. On the other hand, it seems much easier for people to be annoying. Or is that I let them be annoying? Is this a chicken and egg conundrum? Enough of the philosophy, on to my latest rant.

My latest rant is about people asking for money on Facebook. No, not the Nigerian prince stuff, but people asking me to contribute to some charity or other. The requests come mostly from people I know personally. All the charities are legitimate and are worthy causes, but . . .

The person has never bothered to comment on a post, send me a personal message or anything. Now, suddenly they are all fired up about some cause and want me to give them money? No, I don’t…

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