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Film “Don’t Breathe” Has a Disabled Vet for a Villain!

They actually made a film in which a disabled Army veteran is the villain, and the audience is supposed to root for the people who broke into his house and knocked him out to rob him!
As I have entertainment industry aspirations, I tell myself not to criticize other people in the industry too much, but I seriously hope everyone involved with this movie dies from an incredibly painful paper cut and burns in Hell!
But, you know what else? This is the reason we have so much viewership of foreign films in this country! This is why we have a growing universe of direct-to-online films and web series made without the meddling, insipid influence of the major entertainment industry, colloquially referred to as “Hollywood!”
And, meanwhile, movie theaters sell less tickets every year, and the entertainment suits in their offices wonder why.
In a way, as a producer of an upcoming YouTube web series, I should rejoice in how utterly clueless and arrogant in their clueless condition the mainstream entertainment industry is for it is only because of the rapid recent increases in technology making it more feasible for people to produce and distribute shows and movies we created without having to get a deal with a major film studio or having to deal with how out-of-touch they are about giving the audience entertainment we actually want that all of us outsiders have this opportunity to fill this vacuum and have our low-budget but more original works to be seen and appreciated by people.



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