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“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” on the Pope and Republicans

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September 27, 2013 · 5:18 pm

Breaking Bad – ‘Granite State’

There are a million bloggers writing about “Breaking Bad.” Daniel and Paul of “The Same Page” may be the two best.

Same Page Team

By: Paul Andreacchi and Daniel Reynolds


There is some logic in making each episode of Breaking Bad less than an hour. You know, 44 minutes – or whatever, minus commercials – seems in retrospect almost like an example of mercy. I mean, with an extra 15 minutes you could, say, crush a human soul. Or abjectly terrify a woman and her baby. Maybe stage an extremely awkward and creepy courtship. Or, sure, just straight up shoot an innocent person in the back of the head. Yeah, an extra 15 minutes (so what’s that, like, 13 with commercials?) of Breaking Bad can get up to all kinds of things. Things we’d rather not see.

Ah, but we did see them. We had to see them. And now with one episode left – less than an hour to go – like our old friends, the forgotten meth addicts, we could probably…

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Work and Mental Health update

A great blog by Echoes of Yesterday about what it is like to battle mental health issues while struggling to make one’s way in our culture, like everyone else, but, also, dealing with prejudice based on mental health issues.

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Catholicism Revisited

A very funny blog about going to a Catholic church service by Essa Alroc, who is in danger of becoming one of my new favorite writers due to this blog and a description of one of her novels as:
“A deeply moving novel, reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks, about a love affair between a paranoid schizophrenic and her Gary Busey hallucination.”

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Biblical Covenants and Hermenuetics Part 1: Introduction

The Domain for Truth


I. Definition

a. A Near Eastern form of literature that offers “a binding agreement between two parties…”[1]

b. “Covenant in the OT essentially incorporates a legally binding obligation.”[2]

II. Two forms of Covenants

a. Note: Covenants appear throughout the Ancient Near East during the era of the Old Testament.  It seems that the Old Testament intentionally structure the format that appear around them.[3]

b. Voluntary partnership

i.      Both parties enter into the covenant voluntarily.

ii.      The terms of the covenant is agreed upon bilaterally.

iii.      Examples include Jacob and Laban (Genesis 31:54) and David with Jonathan (1st Samuel 18:3-4).

c. Imposed by a superior on a subordinate

i.      “It usually designates an agreement made to or for, not with, the subordinate, depicting a legally binding promise which one party makes toward another.”[4]

ii.      The terms of the covenant is agreed upon unilaterally.

iii.      Examples include…

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This Just In: The Pope Is Still Catholic

The Conservative Citizen

Ask Jesus

One day after the epic 10,000+ word interview with his holiness Pope Francis was published worldwide in the Jesuit publications known more for wishful thinking than actual Church teaching, an interview which was lauded for the thought that we concentrate too much on abortion, little rules and birth control, Pope Francis came out with this:

“Every child that isn’t born, but is unjustly condemned to be aborted, has the face of Jesus Christ, has the face of the Lord.”

Well, that should settle that.  

For the millions of people who do not have the patience to wade through the above referenced interview, the headlines on Thursday and Friday screamed what the progressives and opponents of the Church and Church teaching wanted to know: what this pope thinks about the issues that matter to them – sex and birth control.  Yes, the pope thinks we spend too much time on…

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The Sunday Salon: Having It All

Becca's Byline


To me, having it all – if one wants to define it at all – is the magical time when what you want and what you have match up. Like an eclipse. A perfect eclipse is when the moon is at its perigee, the Earth is farthest from the sun, and when the sun is observed near zenith. I have no idea what that means…but one thing is clear: It’s rare.

Personally, I believe having it all can last longer than that. It might be a fleeting moment – drinking a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning when the light is especially bright. It might be a few undisturbed hours with a novel I’m in love with, a three-hour lunch with my best friend, reading Goodnight Moon to a child, watching a Nadal-Federer match. Having it all definitely involves an ability to seize the moment. It’s when all your…

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Bard Rock Performs Lyrics from Shakespeare Plays

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What Your College Major Says About You

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Dolores Hart Poem

He said,

“I do not like this life.

I’m going to bring it to a halt. 

I’m going to head for the hills. 

I’m going to go John Galt.” 

She said,

“I do not like this place.

I just like doing my art. 

I swear that one day 

I’m going to go Dolores Hart.”

He said,

“I don’t hold out hope of getting apologies

For what I’ve had to go through 

To be part of this society. 

I do not expect reparations 

Or any justice for me. 

So, I’m going to go move far away

To another country.” 

She said, 

“I don’t call myself agoraphobic. 

It’s not like I’m hiding inside scared. 

It’s just that there isn’t much 

I want to see out there. 

I can live my life online. 

And, I’ll be just fine.” 

He said, 

“I gave up on the real world.

It was never good to me.

I figured out long ago. 

I’m not getting any opportunity. 

I like it better in my fantasy world. 

You’d like it better, too. 

It’s more real to me than this world

With all the lies they teach you.” 

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