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Super by Princess Jones

Honest Indie Book Reviews

Let me begin by saying that writing a novel is a terrific achievement. I know, having written two. My hat is off to anyone who can complete a novel.


That said, here is my honest opinion of Super, a first-person superhero story by Princess Jones

Characters: Audrey Hart, under-achieving superhero, narrates her tale of fighting crime and helping others while trying to survive family relationships and the work-a-day world. She has more success fighting crime.

Audrey’s power isn’t particularly spectacular. She heals incredibly fast. Being hit by a car, or shot hurts her, just like you or me, but her body heals within minutes, though not without soreness and stiffness, again like you and me. Her super power is just enough to get her into the game, without making it easy.

Author Princess does a terrific job with Audrey, bringing her vividly to life on all three fronts —…

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Excerpt: ‘Brown-Eyed Girl’ by Lisa Kleypas

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Suicide and Adoption: We Need to Stop Whispering

Light of Day Stories

Update: For resources about adoption-related suicide awareness and prevention, here is information.

Just this morning, as I was getting ready to post this, I read on my Facebook feed about a 28-year-old Korean adoptee who died by suicide two days ago. I did not know her. She was the same age as my oldest son, and she had a daughter about the age of my granddaughter. May she rest in peace.

I am holding in my heart a 20-something-year-old adoptee, adopted with a biological sibling into a huge adoptive family (more than 25 kids). He is overwhelmed all the time these days, as a result of things he has done and has had done to him. He wants to go home, though he’s not sure any longer where “home” is. He is in great need of mental health services, and is intently resisting help. He is teetering on the edge…

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Do Rare Books Appreciate in Value?

Dan GregoryI was recently asked by a reporter to comment on this question, and I offered some specific examples. As is often the case, my comments in the article, as well as an explanation of the examples, were very much cut for space (no hard feelings, I understand how these things go). But I thought I would provide the examples here, as well as a fuller answer to this question of how much rare books appreciate in value.

First, some examples. The exact SAME COPY of:

AuthorTitleOld Price2004 Price
Ernest HemingwayThree Stories and Ten Poems$6000 in 1977$150,000
Jack KerouacThe Town and the City$2500 in 1978$40,000
Mark TwainLife on the Mississippi$4800 in 1988$19,000
Oscar WildeLady Windemere’s Fan$1700 in 1982$32,500

But are these good examples? And what do these numbers really mean?

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Protecting Your #Child from • Soul Poison •  #Parenting 

Thinking Out Cloud

Protecting Your Child from “Soul Poison”
There are some decent, even values-oriented things on television for children these days. But, as you know very well, there’s a lot of garbage, too. And in between those two extremes, there are shows that are mostly good but have some words scattered in them that little ears shouldn’t be hearing – or big ears, for that matter. Along comes a service called TV Guardian – which automatically replaces a naughty word with a nice word, thus removing what could be bad for your child. Occasionally, the replacements are actually a little amusing. Like the word “sex,” for example. The replacement word is “hugs.” Which gets a little interesting when someone asks, “So what will be the hugs of your baby?” But I do think TV Guardian is a pretty good idea.

Something like TV Guardian was invented for parents who realize a very…

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Deadline TODAY: FAN FICTION Screenplay Festival

WILDsound Festival

Submit a FAN FICTION Script of a classic television show, movie series, or iconic franchise. Any past TV show or movie in the history of cinema. For example: You can send in a Friends TV screenplay, or a feature script from the Star Wars universe.

Offers writers at all levels the fantastic opportunity to hear their scripts read aloud using TOP PROFESSIONAL ACTORS and showcased online for 1000s to see. Gives you, the writer, the opportunity to have your fan fiction read by professionals and showcased to the industry and world.

No matter what happens, you will receive full feedback on your script by our established reading committee. No other place in the world will you get coverage for the price you pay. Even if you’re just looking for feedback on your script, this is the festival for you.

    WATCH past and recent script winning readings! See what happens when…

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