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Thoughts on the Anniversary of 9/11

The thought occurred to me that as a U.S. Army veteran, who enlisted to fight Islamic terrorism after 9/11 that I should say something on this, the anniversarry of Sept. 11, 2001.

My next thought was, “Do I have to?”

Honestly, thinking about where how much 9/11 has been forgotten in this country, with the War on Terror, pushed to the side in all of our mainstream news media, from the right-leaning FOXNews to the left-leaning MSNBC, and everywhere else, writing about 9/11 seems just too depressing to do.

But I felt like I must.

To be clear, the WoT still wages on, and there are plenty of Americans who “get it,” who realize the threat of Islamic terror and who support our troops, including some who try to raise awareness (on Word Press and elsewhere) of terrorism, persecution of Christians and other issues. But much of our news coverage centers on a bevy of other issues. I am not going to list them. Yes, some of these issues are important, and, yes, some of these issues are utterly superfluous. I am not going to diverge off into all of them. But there are still Islamic terrorists, who are irrationally and murderously angry at us for both real and imagined reasons, who are training and plotting to kill us.

And, no, all of you conspiracy theorists out there, 9/11 was not done by a secret conspiracy of the American government, the Illuminati, the Zionists, the Vatican, the Lizard People, the vampires, the Bilderberg Group, the Rockefellers, Skull and Bones and the New World Order. (And, yes, people reading this who are in-touch with reality, some of those groups I listed do not even exist.) It was done by Islamic terrorists, and no amount of spin, anti-Americanism, conspiracy-pushing, scapegoating and blaming of both innocent groups and boogie men who do not exist can change that.

Perhaps, it is not said enough that both President Obama and his predecessor, President Bush, managed to lead the War on Terror with such effectiveness that we have continued to fight them overseas and not on American soil and we have not had to experience and mourn another 9/11.


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Nobody’s Child

nobodysChild“Who was your mother?”

“Never had none!” said the child…

“Never had any mother?… Where were you born?”

“Never was born!”

“Do you know who made you?”

“Nobody, as I knows on,”said the child with a short laugh.

“I ‘spect I grow’d.”  

(Harriet Beecher Stowe)

Since my last post I have been reading comments from adult adoptees, natural mothers and adoptive mothers trying to understand the emotional damage to all involved.Wow. I wish that those who make adoption policies and support “adoption as the option” would take the time to read these posts, perhaps they would then not support adoption at all!

Yet, while reading all the various opinions, I keep emotionally reacting to the anger between birth mothers and adoptive mothers. I so want to jump in the middle and scream, “Stop It! Stop fighting each other on who is the real mother! Please! Just stop!”

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Bras don’t work in the dark … or do they?

Maxpower's Blog

Bras don’t work in the dark. That’s a fact. Well it is from the perspective of a very particular if not peculiar, male demographic. Lingerie is designed with multi-purpose; to I assume offer some comfort and support, as well as offering the wearer a certain sense of self-confidence and thus creating a positive self-image. In addition to this there is the effect it can have on the male of the species, in that it can arouse the ardour in a man, hence my opening statement that a bra doesn’t work in the dark, at least from one perspective.

It’s a simple, perhapsuniquely male perspective I suppose, but let me elaborate. Imagine if you will that you are a man, (unless you are, then just put yourself into the scene- or indeed if you are a woman attracted to women – same applies) you have arrived at that point in the…

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Who am I? Actually, it doesn’t really matter…..

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Working at a Christian Camp


For the past month, and next two months, I was blessed with the opportunity to work at a Christian camp. I though it would be easy since I’m at a Christian camp, well it’s still tough and it won’t stop being tough, but for the sake of the cross it is worth it.

What I’ve noticed is it’s so much like the real world, with the constant struggles and trials going on throughout the day, and the struggle to glorify Christ with all you can. All the blood, sweat, and tears will lead at least one person to Christ truly, and countless out of a lukewarm state to genuinely following Christ. It can happen here at the camp I’m at, or right down the road from you.

Amazing isn’t it?

God uses someone like you. Full of sin and defiantly not perfect, but valued so much in the kingdom. You’re…

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