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Dealing with Depression…The Medical…The Spiritual…

One of the best things I have ever read about depression and faith and reading it meant a lot to me as someone who has dealt with depression and wrestled with faith.

Mommy on a Mission Project

So many question about depression. Is it me? Am I overthinking things? Being paranoid? Not trusting God enough? Do I lack faith? Here is an article about depression from a mental health standpoint. I guess we could sit around and argue all day about whether or not the information is factual or credible, but I think that’s just a cop out to not try to look at the reality of things. By reducing depression to one simple sentence, ior by trying to explain why someone is suffering from depression to a simple answer, I believe you are not being fair to the person who is struggeling, and your reasoning lacks sufficient understanding.

Depression is very complicated. For some people it could be one event in their life that has caused them to suffer, for others, maybe it was a series of circumstances, for others, it may be seasonal, sporadic, not…

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The Best Movies of 2014

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The 13 Most Disappointing Movies of 2014

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A Sad Day to Be Right

While those of us who write about Islamic terrorism are accused of all sorts of things, including being racists (laughable because Muslim is not a race) and, of course, Islamaphobic, those of us who are to the left on other issues, such as abortion or gay rights have an extra bit of hostility against us from others, who agree with us on those issues. Obviously, “How dare you agree with me on some issues but not all?” is an inane question, but they do not ask us this directly.

For those of us in touch with reality, thinking everyone has a right to marry who they love and opposing those who would kill people for their sexual orientation are consistent positions, as are believing every girl should have the right to grow up to do whatever she wants and being against what Muslim-led governments do to women for wanting an education or walking outside. There is no hypocrisy in being against what Westboro Baptist Church wanting to execute people due to their religious beliefs and Islamofascists actually executing people for theirs.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, left-wing icon and titular host of “Real Time with Bill Maher” outlines how those on the left have been wrong to censor and censure any criticism of Islam, in the face of the reality of Islamic terrorism.

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Selma’s Real Stories: The Historic Figures You Should Know About

Interesting article on the true history behind the “Selma” film.

The Urban Daily

Selma to Montgomery March

Selma,” the film about the marches in the Alabama city during 1965, opened in theaters today and should be at the top of your list of films to see. The passionate, detailed portrayal of the Selma marches in the film has already drawn critical acclaim. While Dr. Martin Luther King is the main leader in the film, many other activists and politicians shaped the events of the Selma Marches. Here are some of the key players in the film and their roles in history:

andre young Andrew Young (played by Andre Holland) was the executive director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and helped with coordinating protests and marches for the organization. He served as a mediator and negotiator in crucial moments of the Civil Rights movement and attended many of the conversations between the White House and Civil Rights leaders. He worked on voter registration drives in Georgia and Alabama…

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The Perils of Political Cartoonery

Interesting article about writing political comics in an era when there are people who might kill you for doing so.

Stop Making Sense

Michael Dickinson writes for CounterPunch:

dt5_jpg_display‘2006, Istanbul: As I was being escorted by armed guards through the dimly lit corridors of Umraniye prison to my allocated cell, a prisoner in a queue heading in the other direction pointed me out to his mate.

“That English guy! He insulted the Prime Minister! It was on the telly tonight.”

We reached an iron cell door, which was unlocked, and after my handcuffs were removed, I was ordered to enter. The door slammed behind me, and I heard the key turn in the lock.

The bunk-lined walls of the dark room were lit by a smoking oil lamp and the shadows of a group of unshaven men in undervests who crouched eating with their hands around a table in the middle of the room. They all stared at me.

“What are you in for?” asked a gruff Turkish voice.

I gulped.

“I made…

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NBC Orders Drama Pilot ‘Warrior,’ First Pickup for 2015-16 Cycle

Interesting article about a new show that is a martial arts action show with spiritual themes. There hasn’t been anything like this on TV since the old “Kung Fu” show, so I hope this show rocks. (Dear WordPress: Please recognize “Kung Fu” and don’t put those red lines under it like its misspelled.

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