How To Overcome Your Disability


If life were a game, ‘abilities’ would be the tokens we collect to advance ourselves. Abilities are the bronze coins, they are the pennies. We all have them stored away, but they are nothing like the gold coins we prize; they are commonplace.

Disabilities Are The Real Prizes.

They are rare, unique, and irreplicable. You may ask, how is a disability a good thing?Disabilities make me different. Exactly. That’s exactly it. Disabilities make you different. They let you stand out, they let you be seen. Don’t confuse this with exclusion or segregation.

Sure, people may be nervous to approach you because you are different, but that’s their problem. All you need to focus on is how to embrace your difference. How can you make this situation benefit you?

People Desire Connections

They want to find things you have in common with them so they can form a bond…

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