Below is a great blog from Echoes of Yesterday about what it is like to be “triggered” by past events, when you suddenly find yourself reliving a bad moment from your past and feeling the things you felt at the time.
As a culture, I wish that we would outgrow our prejudices about mental illness and that we would not discriminate against the illnesses and disorders that afflict the mind, that just like asthma, cancer and diabetes, seem to me to be brought about by a combination of genetics and environment, nature and nurture, what we are born with and what we do to ourselves or have done to us. The brain is part of the body, like the liver or the lungs, and like other parts of the body can be hurt or can inherit conditions that can be helped by medicine and treatment.
And, I wish we would take more responsibility to help those with mental illnesses, both because it is the right thing to do and to create a better, safer society in which homeless people with mental problems are not ubiquitous to every city in this country and where mass shootings and bombings by by people murdering those they have never met and who have never done them harm are not as frequently occurring and accepted and expected a part of American culture as traffic and celebrity gossip.


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