Pope Talks to Gay Catholic Group (Rough Translation)

Pope, to the amazement of gay Catholics 
“He responded to our letter”

The group Kairos: “The’ve written, he has blessed us.” Even Don Santoro Bergoglio to write: “I want to ask him how he sees our convictions”


I read it after
Pope, to the amazement of gay Catholics "He responded to our letter"

Pen and paper. Among the many revolutions made ​​by Pope Bergoglio, in addition to phone calls home to ordinary people (it is these days the news of a family of Galluzzo call to the phone by Francis, who, after having invited her to Assisi, he asked if he could bless it and l ‘ invited to bring “the greetings and the blessing of the Pope” to the parish), there is also the ‘”post effect”. The mountain of letters delivered every day at his residence in Santa Marta, and sent directly to him by those who hope, as well, to join him, bypassing the “obstacles” curia. And now some people think it may have been one of these “messages in a bottle” that inspired the breakthrough of Bergoglio about gays. A letter sent in June to the Pope by various Italian gay Catholics, but whose signatures had been extensively collected in the group Kairos of Florence, very active on this front. And where gays and lesbians asked Francis to be recognized as people and not as a “category” and called for openness and dialogue on the part of the Church, and recalling that the closure “always feeds homophobia.” Not the first of its kind sent to a pope, but which, as told by one of the leaders of Kairos, Innocent Pontillo, “no one had ever even given a nod of response.” This time, however, the answer came.In another letter from the Vatican Secretariat of State (the contents of both letters is private, and only recently it was decided to make known the exchange), which reads, Pontillo explains that Pope Francis “she really enjoyed that that we wrote, calling it an act of ‘spontaneous confidence’ “and” the way in which we had written. ” While the Pope addressed now also the Community of Piagge: “The climate has changed, and who now, for the Church wants something different, must stand with the Pope” recognizes Father Alessandro Santoro. “As a community,” says “we feel freed from too many doctrinal ties of the past, Francis Pope shows that it is possible to pass from mere doctrinal obedience, fidelity to people’s lives.” Which “does not mean that the Church has its doctrine, provided, however, in the center there is the man with his sufferings, as the Gospel says.” 

But not only that: “The Pope also assured us his greeting of blessing.” “None of us had driven to imagine such a thing,” said the representative of Kairos, remembering, by contrast, as the Archbishop of Florence, Giuseppe Betori, “has always refused to even receive us, arguing that otherwise would have been legitimized as homosexuals. ” Now even the Pope Francesco sends his blessing, and who knows that his subsequent issues on homosexuals (“Who am I to judge the gay?” Said the plane back from Rio de Janeiro, and then the disruptive words Catholic Civilization, “God , when they look at a gay person, or endorse the existence with affection, or rejects condemning? must always consider the person “) does not really even need this correspondence. Bergoglio And, meanwhile, write detainees Sollicciano a letter (already delivered directly to him in recent days by the prison chaplain Father Vincenzo Russo), in which recount the tragedies of life prison and invite him to visit them, perhaps at the Ecclesial Convention of the Episcopal Conference to be held in Florence in 2015 and which has already requested the presence of the pope.Hence the idea (on the occasion of the 4th anniversary, October 27, the celebration of the marriage religious, with another man, a woman born man, who Santoro cost the shift away from Piagge), wrote to the Pope “to speak of our community, of what he does and why he is doing, and to ask him to consider how many convictions incurred by us” (as well as for the wedding, even for communion to gay and divorced and remarried).  


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