A Little Girl’s ‘..Voluptuous Breasts..’ to Blame for 6 Muslims Gang-Raping Her in West Bengal India

The ultimate going over the edge of madness to the false idea that feminists speak of about how some idiots really think how a woman dresses or what she looks like might mean she deserved to be raped. This article really does a great job of showing what it looks like when there are men stupid and evil enough to believe those pernicious myths about rape. “Liked” and “Reblogged!”
Feminists should be more vocal about how badly Muslim countries treat women. I might write a whole blog on that sometime.



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5 responses to “A Little Girl’s ‘..Voluptuous Breasts..’ to Blame for 6 Muslims Gang-Raping Her in West Bengal India

  1. Punishment, against the cowards that attack the innocent should be increased, The punishment of the old days may have been considered barbaric in today’s world for example but they kept all in check. Didn’t they?

    Thank you for following my blog ^.^

    • This might be a controversial view, but more than as a deterrent or punishment, I think the role of a government when it comes to crime is to protect us from those who would harm us, those who cannot or do not want to be out in the world with others, without doing bad things to them, including the monsters who raped this young girl.
      In other words, I think they should lock all of the bad people up and keep them locked up.

      • I agree, though to be perfectly honest and I apologize if I’m going too blunt? there’s something about feeding inmates meals three times a day and giving them a bed to sleep in, I wouldn’t be so kind to criminals.

      • No need to apologize, and I agree with you, as well. I, too, am discomforted by the idea of murderers getting three meals a day, getting to lift weights and take college classes, hanging out, and, for the ones who committed hate crimes, being treated like gods by their bigoted brethren in prison.
        I would put them to work in chain gangs, like in “Cool Hand Luke.”
        We all know of roads, highways, government buildings, schools, public parks and monuments in need of repair. We know about local, state and federal budgets that do not have sufficient funds. I say, that we should treat prisoners humanely, give them sufficient food and clothing and shelter, but why not let them earn their keep?

      • We considered that here in Vancouver once, make them build their own crops and make their own utensils if they want to eat anything, but! it was stopped by all these humanitarian groups who have no idea what they are talking about half the times. 😦

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