Orlando Muslims Openly Support Terrorist Group Hezbollah

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Published on Jul 31, 2014

This Orlando rally was unique in that it was called the al Qods Day Rally and we had a couple of honest pro Hamas Muslims proudly waving the flag of Hezbollah in support of Iran.

Al-Quds or Qods Day? Iranians rallied nationwide on Friday in a show of support for Palestinians as archfoe Israel pursued its campaign against Hamas and other groups in the Gaza Strip.

In Tehran, footage showed demonstrators, carrying placards proclaiming “Death to Israel” and “Death to America,” converging from nine different points on Tehran University in the city center.

One can only assume the Orlando Muslim community knows very well what happens in Tehran on the last Friday of Ramadan since 1979.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. stole Yazdi’s idea, and on August 7, 1979, he declared the last Friday of the holy…

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2 responses to “Orlando Muslims Openly Support Terrorist Group Hezbollah

  1. I have some sympathy for Moslems who support Hezbollah et al – in the horrible mess that is the middle east, orgs like Hezbollah have a charitable arm as well as a bomb-throwing division. But it doesn’t inspire confidence that these people will behave nicely in the US or Oz.

    • I have sympathy for them, too, as well as those who are recruited in to any kind of extremist group. They all operate the same way, telling vulnerable and hurting people, “All of your problems are the fault of ___________. Follow me, so we can defeat the ___________.” The world is a confusing and scary place for all of us, so I have sympathy for the fanatics, whether their fanaticism is based on race, religion, gender or whatever else.

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